Ocean-less alkalinity enhancement for safe, measurable, durable carbon removal
Pit lakes for CDR
When open-pit mines are closed they often fill with water, creating lakes. Tens of thousands of these lakes exist, on every continent save Antarctica.
These lakes are great for carbon dioxide removal (CDR) since they are relatively contained systems in contact with the atmosphere. They very rarely have beneficial uses.
We apply ocean carbon removal techniques in these lakes, improving the water quality and turning them into massive, permanent carbon sinks.
Aquarry is exploring a range of pit lake types and treatments. If you’re a mining company interested in turning a liability into an asset, an investor in early stage startups, or just interested in learning more, please get in touch.
Our team
Kate Murphy
Co-Founder, CEO
A PhD engineer with 8 years in industrial R&D and early stage startup, Dr. Murphy has broad experience managing climate tech projects from carbon removal to energy harvesting materials to climate intervention.
Spencer Whitman
Co-Founder, CTO
A PhD hydrogeologist with 5 years in consulting, Dr. Whitman has deep experience in reclamation and monitoring of abandoned mine sites, including field work, laboratory testing, and geochemical and hydrologic modeling.